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It pays to choose the right brush

In the industry it is important to keep the process going, and make an optimal use of resources. It is therefore important to choose the right equipment and invest in preventive maintenance. The production should never be standing still. Brushes of the correct type and quality is an important part in a smooth functioning production or process.

Reality's demands

Increased productivity and profitability, better ergonomics and increased life span of machines. All of this can be achieved with the right brush. To find the type and quality that gives the best results requires knowledge and experience of the industry. The finest brush thickness usually does the best job, but you have to know where the limits are. Materials and design are crucial to the outcome.

Important Questions

What type of machine will the brush sit in? Should it withstand the use of chemicals? Is it important that the brush do not absorb moisture? Should it be flame resistant? There are many questions one must ask themselves to find the special brush that gives the best results. We know from experience what works and lasts. Therefore, we can help our clients avoid costly mistakes.

The correct answers

ML BorstTeknik has many years experience and are familiar with all types of brushes for cleaning and security - technical brushes, special brushes, hand brushes for professional and household use. We also work as consultants in the remanufacturing or reperation of industrial and machine brushes. This means that we can give proposals when choosing materials and design. Moreover, we can give an indication when it pays to repair a brush instead of buying a new brush. A solid brush with a complete core can withstand many brush replacements.

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