tekniska borstar kvastar

The company's direction

We are focused on the following branches

│ Industrybrushes │ Repairs │ Contract Manufacturing │
...furthermore, we have a wide range of high quality standard brushes.

Some examples of contract manufacturing is golf brushes, massage brushes, toothbrushes for the training of dentists, brush strip for the automotive industry, intrinsically safe brushes for explosive industrial environments and more.

The factory

In the factory we have both fully and semi-automatic machines for brushfilling, twisting, turning, milling, drilling and sawing. We also work with the counseling and production technology development.

Contact us for advice on new products, repairs or contract work.

Stansning Klippning

ML BorstTeknik AB - Lantmannavägen 46 - 273 95 Onslunda, Sweden

Contact us - Phone: +46(0)417-30585 - Fax: +46(0)417-30586 - E-mail: info@borstteknik.se